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11th Dimension Entertainment

11th Dimension

November 3, 2009


Single 11th Dimension’s sprightly two-note synth line does sound like an electro-pop departure, a fist-pumping, naive little brother to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Zero.

I wish there was a complete interpretation of this song, intead of just scattered sayings on the verses, that don’t really say anything. What is this song about?

@pedro, this comment comes close:

“he’s spent the whole song trashing others who’d siphon inspiration from him, while he acknowledges he’s a source of that himself.”

There’s a making of video on YouTube where the meaning of the song & the video shot for it are explained. It’s basically about making choices. ‘Forgive them even if they are not sorry.’

I think it’s a bunch of advice, or “Phrazes for the Young”, as they come of age in a strange, surreal world and all the absurdity of modern life. It uses lessons learned and bits of advice, emphasizing the wisdom in forgiveness (even when they’re not sorry) etc so the kid listening to the song won’t “get to the top and not know what to do”, and might contribute to that “last great movement”.

That’s my short-take, but if anyone cares about an enumeration:

It has the same kind of dreamlike phenomenological vibe as “Tourist” and “River of Brakelights”. In “Tourist” there is a sense of being out-of-place in the modern world, a bleak picture of the world’s state and trajectory. That dreamlike quality is almost trippy, and definitely metaphysical. In “Tourist” it appears in lines like “shuffling our feet into the next dimension”. In “11th Dimension”, that trippy/phenomenological/metaphysical vibe is present in lines like “I live on the frozen surface of a fireball”, or “You are looking for your own voice, but in others / While it hears you, trapped in another dimension”. It’s worth noting that both songs also address individual action/agency in light of these various implications about the state of the world.

“River of Brakelights” has all the same qualities, too. For instance: “In the afterlife of super cities, rapidly devouring its outskirts It’s neon octopus arms redecorating late at night”, or the philosophical/poetic “Like batteries we die, like rivers we dry / We fuel and recharge, that’s humans and cars”. It juxtaposes the feeling of stagnation with the ending line that “nothing stands still”. The devolution of “getting the hang of it, timing is everything”– into

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“Timing the hang of it, getting is everything
Getting the timing of everything hanging is
Hanging the getting of timing the everything”

– this illustrates how it sometimes feels like you’re getting somewhere, but then get lost and caught up in the “getting is everything” until eventually you’re just lost in it all again, as in the nonsensical last line.

Sorry for the dissertation, I got carried away haha obviously I like the album a lot.

New 4th Dimension Entertainment Plushies Up For Pre-Order


Adagio Dazzle video! Be careful, if you find her in stores, you’ll fall under her spell. I’ll make sure to be careful before I fall under her spell.

AND SHE HAS THE CREEPY FACE! I told my English teacher I hate creepy dolls. I should send this to her to tell her the truth.

So is this a legit preorder or not?

I’ve heard of another site who took the pre-orders down for some reason, so I don’t know if these are final yet. However most of these plushies have already been announced by 4DE and as you can read here Previews World first mentioned all of these about 3 months ago.

I just don’t want to lose money since I preordered on the links that you provided in the article.

Midtown Comics is a well know comic and merchandise seller, so if they cancel the pre-order they’d surely give you a refund.

I never purchase from this website before. For Princess Luna it only says coming soon. So I guess I can’t preorder purchase her yet? Maybe I should go to my local comic book shop and ask them to order it? Hu strange other sight did not mention this as well. It says it’s 10% now.

I really hope they ship to Sweden..

According to my distributor they are not expected to arrive until January. My past experience with ordering items manufactured by this company tells me January sounds more appropriate as opposed to november.

Yes, we’ve seen other stores giving January as release date, which indeed sounds more accurate. We’ve created a new post here: 4th Dimension Plushies

please tell me someone can find the derpy hooves plush, i cant find her anywhere andi absoultely nEED HERRR

11Th Dimension mp3

Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension

04:33 5.99 MB 10.8M

Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension

03:52 5.09 MB 3.3M

11th Dimension Live From Electric Lady Studios For WRXP New York

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Lollapalooza Argentina 2014

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JC Remembering 11th D

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The 11th Dimension New Documentary

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Music Video

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11th Dimension Julian Casablancas Lyrics

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What S Rare From 11th Dimension Key

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The 11 Dimensions EXPLAINED

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Lollapalooza Brazil HD

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Who Lives In The Eleventh Dimension Parallel Universes BBC Science

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Understanding The 11 Dimensions Of Existence 11 Dimensions Explained

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1 स 11 ड यम शन क द न य 1st To 11th Dimensions Explained

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11th Dimension Trust Denied Music Video

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How To Imagine The Tenth Dimension

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11th Dimension Julian Casablancas

द न य म सबस छ ट च ज़ 11th Dimension String Theory Quantum Mechanics Parallel Universe

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Imagining 10 Dimensions The Movie

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Guitar Cover

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TEDxBoulder Thad Roberts Visualizing Eleven Dimensions

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Michio Kaku The Multiverse Has 11 Dimensions Big Think

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Journey Into The 12th Dimension

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Acoustic Take One

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Full Guitar Cover

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11th Dimension Shades Of Personality

05:22 7.06 MB 8.6K

Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension The Sonic Deviant Remix

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Eleventh Dimension Doctor Who

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Legendado PTBR

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Cover By DIET Punt Sessions

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11th Dimension Supercrush Devin Townsend Cover

05:16 6.93 MB 1.5K

Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Loop Cover

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Coachella 2010

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Imagining The 11th Dimension

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Dubscribe 11th Dimension Original Mix

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Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension All Instruments Cover

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Class 11 Physics Chapter 2 Units And Measurements Dimensional Analysis IIT JEE NEET

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11th Dimension Julian Casablancas Cover

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Song 262 Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension Acoustic Cover PROJECT365

04:18 5.66 MB 12.2K

Julian Casablancas 11th Dimension

03:52 5.09 MB 24.1K

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